CatfishServer, Exclusively for, Webcat & Designfish Studio

Welcome to the Catfish Server - superior hosting and cutting edge, feature and function-rich responsive web design

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We Create Awesome Websites and then pop them on our Awesome Server and Designfish have become ONE. Decades of design experience, expertise and development have fused together. Welcome to the CatfishServer!

Web Design

Graphic design expertise, eyecatching, professional, sleek, bespoke, cutting edge coding, social media and Google optmising.

Awesome Handbuilt CMS

Built with components for your requirements, this isnt an 'out-of-the-box' ready-made solution

Powerful Code

Php and MySql, Boostrap framework, optimised for social media - its fast loading, clean code, and superior dedicated hosting with 24/7 technical support.

Delight isn’t a tagline – it’s the bottom line

If we help someone fix a problem, they’re four times more likely to repurchase from us than if we had just delivered what they wanted with no further follow-up.

Not responsive yet...? Ouch!!!

Do you know about Schema and Data Structuring for SEO?
Its the future of optimising and you WILL need it!

Rethink content: Its time to STRUCTURE and we're here to guide you!

Technology is nothing without humanity

The age of miracles is not past - its NOW!!

Responsive, optimised, professional design!

Fusion of Skills

Web Design and programming by Webcat CMS developed by Designfish Studio

It’s Your Style!

Design is absolute

Clean Code

Verification with the WW3 Standards available

Bespoke CMS

This is not out of the box, its not a convenience package - its built for you. it has every component you could need, no more, no less. Its robust, Its slick, its adaptable, its secure, its unique and highly competetive pricing.


With a little notice we can!

Web Design

Hand Coders!


WW3 Verification available

Bespoke Content Management System

Any component you need!

Responsive & Optimised

Clean, responsive, optimised, professional design with powerful code!

Catfishserver Notes

Your server is a dedicated server, its not shared with public websites, its operated entirely for Webcat and Designfish Studio clientel with bespoke hosting requirements and a desire for a superior level of one-to-one personal service than can be found with standard hosting companies.


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